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Ukraine Information Technology Report

The Global Information Technology Report 2016

Ukraine Information Technology Report

Rank(out of 139) Value(1–7)
Networked Readiness Index 64 4.2
Networked Readiness Index 2015 (out of 143) 71 4.0
Networked Readiness Index 2014 (out of 148) 81 3.9
Networked Readiness Index 2013 (out of 144) 73 3.9
A. Environment subindex
When Should a CEO Hire a Product Manager?

A company usually starts with an idea, or a couple of people getting together over an idea. That idea percolates and becomes the center of attention for the founder(s) or CEO. Obsession over details and getting things just right is the norm. This is all goodness. Hopefully that obsessive effort takes off and the CEO is forced into running a business, instead of nursing an ember of an idea.

The best way to build big is to start small

Large software systems are hard, and in government we’re tasked with building large systems to manage complex benefits and processes. Often those mandates arrive on the back of a failing legacy system. The problem with creating large systems is that before we even start building we worry about how everything will work. There are so many razor sharp edge cases to consider. As the planning process grows, so does the complexity. Deadlines slip before the first line of code is written, and the likelihood of failure escalates.